Fit & Pregnant: Knowing When To Push & When To Slow Down

~By Coach Amber

Recently, I’ve been asked quite a bit if I’m slowing down my exercise routine, or if I have to slow down or stop any particular exercises now that I’m carrying a baby.  I’m sure there are other mothers-to-be out there with the same questions as they work out so below are some quick tips to take into consideration for a strong, healthy pregnancy while keeping up your wellness exercise regimen:

1.) First things first. If you haven’t been working out and now that you’re pregnant your plan is to start I would highly suggest talking to your doctor first. My best advice is do not start something new if your body hasn’t been used to it prior to the baby. If you are used to the HIIT trainings, or explosive movements, then it is safe to move forward for a little while.

2.) Keep track of your heart rate and do not let it exceed over 140bpm for  longer than 10 minutes. Once it does, take a break and let it come down before continuing.  This keeps your heart strong and stress off the baby.

3.) After your first trimester, try to limit the amount of exercises done on your back; once the uterus increases in weight, lying too long on your back can limit the amount of blood flow to the mother causing dizziness and lack blood flow to the baby.

4.) Limit the amount of high-impact activity such as any activity requiring a lot of jumping. As you progress in your pregnancy, you can modify any exercise. For example, turn a squat jump into a deep-seated squat or a speed squats.

5.) While you are pregnant, your goal should be to maintain your muscle tone, not build on it. Pregnancy is not the time to try and push your body to its limits or hit weight maxes you’ve never hit before.

6.) Listen to your body.  All women feel different during pregnancy and exercise, and your body will tell you when you need to take a break.

It’s important to get off to a good start, maintain yours and your baby’s wellness throughout, and get to the finish line with both of you healthy and ready to begin your new life together!