We empower you with training to reshape your life

Legacy Fitness is a neighborhood gym

You will be motivated and guided with
the right workout, the right trainers, and the right nutrition.

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Sugar Land Gym

Legacy Fitness Greatwood has every angle of your fitness needs. We are a small, personal gym with personal private and small group training.

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Together we help you not only look better but feel better. Get lean muscles with our innovative strength and conditioning techniques. We can help you choose your fitness focus or jump-start your metabolism with nutrition plans.

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Good nutrition is one of our core goals with Legacy Fitness. It is the scientific backbone of your strength, conditioning, and ultimate success quotient.


We Will Change Your Life


Through hard work, fun, workouts, and expert dietary advice, we want to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.


We foster a strong, open sense of community where you have the freedom to forge your own legacy.


No matter which route you choose, we guarantee you’ll be invigorated by the rate of your results, the development of new relationships and the beginnings of a healthier lifestyle. Life gives you 1 rep, make it count and Carpe Diem!

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About the gym

Located in Greatwood, just south of Sugar Land, our little gym is packed with all you need for a complete workout. Your gym doesn’t have to be a dingy chain store with no parking, long lines, no personal attention or maybe too many people.

Our gym is quiet and small but a complete gym.

It is an upscale experience for fitness enthusiasts who want a gym where they can feel at home. Our gym offers a variety of work out options, including a personal training program to help with your individual needs, group training classes that are fun and hard, sports training and much more.

Custom Fitness

With hard work, anyone’s body can be transformed into any type of physique they want.


We have nutrition and diet plans that are easy to follow using Jan-Michael's proven system.

Start your legacy

We exist to help change lives with fun & innovative workout routines and expert diets.

Success Stories

“People might call me crazy, but my favorite part about Legacy Fitness is actually the people. I love the camaraderie and friendships that I’ve found there. I started Legacy in August 2012 to prepare for Tough Mudder-Austin and continue to come because I want to stay feeling good; especially since turning 40 this year.

Legacy has not only made me feel good and in shape – the biggest difference for me has been my mental strength.”

“My overall health has improved greatly because of Legacy Fitness. It’s nice not to feel sluggish during the day anymore. I’ve witnessed a loss of body fat and an increase in energy. I’ve also found that making smarter food decisions has become a lot easier.

The accountability makes me get out of bed at 5am. Getting my work out in that early in the day is great because my daughter is still asleep, so it doesn’t take away from my time with her and I probably wouldn’t make it to the gym after work otherwise.

Some people say that they couldn’t get up that early and are proud of my dedication to take care of myself. My family can see how much happier I am because of the Legacy Fitness and how much better I look and feel.”

“Legacy Fitness has been a great change in my life. My wife loves it since my alcohol consumption has decreased tremendously. I’m more cognizant of what I’m eating and drinking as a result of joining.

I have always neglected working out my legs. After joining Legacy, I’ve noticed an increase in strength in my legs, specifically my quads. As a result, I have also noticed a considerable decrease in pain in my right knee. I will never forget the 400-squats… as a warm-up!!

Jan is a great instructor who keeps the class motivated and is willing to alternate exercises if you can’t perform them normally. I keep coming back for more because of the built-in health benefit. I’ve lost weight and leaned up and don’t want to lose what I’ve achieved so far. “

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