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More of your time back

What is the most valuable commodity you have...YOUR TIME! That’s the biggest value add Legacy Gym has to offer you, more of your time back!

We are conveniently located right inside Greatwood. No matter where you live it should never take you longer than 5 minutes to make it to us.

We have a wonderful line of Precor, Octane and Spin cardio equipment.

An incredible amount of free weights, benches, squat racks, TRX suspension straps, kettlebells and much more. Not to mention all of our cable assisted equipment and leg presses.

We are open 24/7. It is a members ONLY gym; so you can’t enter without a key fob and active account.

Another great feature...probably the best thing about Legacy hands down! Our CLIENTS! Our members are absolutely the best. Everyone of them has a active part in our community. They come in, workout and move on with their day. No "gym rats" here.

Legacy is clean, safe and an excellent gym to call your home!

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Individual plans, group sessions and amazing discounts. See our prices and choose your plan to get started with reshaping the way you live today.


Cutting through all the deceptive marketing and smoke and mirrors, we want to tell you why we stand out. Group classes, personal training, nutrition plans and much more!

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