The Legacy Fitness 30 Day Challenge

The Legacy 30 Day Challenge

The Results:

What can be expected for those that truly apply themselves:
A reduction in inches An increase in confidence
A reduction in body fat An increase in self esteem
A reduction in weight An increase in energy

Your Preparation:

Weigh yourself
Take your body fat (if you have the equipment). Being exact here isn’t as important as being consistent with what you use.
Measure these 5 areas: Neck, Arm (bicep/tricep), Chest (across the nipples, arms down), Waist (across the belly button) & Thigh (mid point between hip & knee)

The 5 Exercises:

Squat Jumps
Bridge or plank
Full sit up (feet can’t be touching anything but can be against the wall)

(This are to be done Monday-Saturday, rest on Sunday)
Week One: Perform each exercise for as many reps as you can inside 1 minute, 30-second rest between sets (total time 5 minutes)
(Each week I will set out a “bar”; a top level of competition to aim for)

Week Two: Everything is the same as week one except now you complete two rounds (total time 10 minutes). Rest 1 minute between your first set and second set.

Week Three: Everything is the same as week one except now you complete three rounds (total time 15 minutes). Rest 1 minute between your 1st & 2nd & 3rd set.

Week Four: Everything is the same as week one except now you complete four rounds (total time 20 minutes). Rest 1 minute between your 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th set.

The Food Challenge:

(How it works; choose one challenge to start with. Each week add onto that challenge another one from the list. By the 4th week you will be preforming all of them together for the week)
Eliminate all sugars that aren’t natural (ie. ice cream vs fruit)
Reduce Alcohol: Only wine during the week, S-Th (1 glass max), F-Sat, (3 beers, 3 wines or 3 mixed drinks MAX)
No carbohydrates after 2pm (you can however eat as many vegetables as you’d like)
Eat 5 meals a day

How to join in the FUN:
Email us at
Have in it your name, cell number and city & zip
After each workout (or at least some point in every day) post to Facebook (on the Legacy Fitness page) your results. You can email us too if you’d prefer. You must to this everyday to be eligible for the $100 (Legacy dollars) reward.