Legacy Salad

In a large bowl (no…LARGER), do the following:

  1. Fill with salad greens like spinach, romaine, spring mix, etc. (I don’t recommend iceberg)
  2. Add other veggies like tomatoes (cherries are the bomb), cucumbers, carrots, peppers, celery, onions, etc.
  3. Now add protein a protein such as chicken, beef, pork, lamb, etc (all grass-fed)
  4. Prepare a simple homemade dressing with vinegar, olive oil and seasonings
  5. Optional include a healthy fat source (like eggs, cheese or avocados) and a healthy carb source (quinoa, chickpeas, berries, apples, chia seed, etc)

It’s as simple as that! In fact, it’s EXTREMELY EASY to make a huge salad (one that you probably couldn’t even finish) that comes in at less than 400 calories… and when you understand how to make it the right way, with delicious foods like those listed above, you’ll never feel deprived and you’ll learn to fall in love with eating loads of satisfying food while blasting that unwanted belly bulge at the same time.