~Recipe by She-Gar-C

I don’t like being told I “can’t” do something.  When I couldn’t find organic corned beef and I wanted to make it for dinner, and then was told I couldn’t make my own within a day because it takes at LEAST four days to corn the beef brisket, I decided to defeat the naysayers with my own version of corned beef – that I made in four HOURS instead!  And by far, this was the best, most-flavorful, and tender corned beef I’ve ever had!



1/2 brisket (about 7 – 8 pounds)
1 pkg peppercorn mix (black, pink, green)
1 pkg mustard seeds
1 pkg coriander seeds
1 pkg cloves
the juice of one jar organic dill pickles
beef broth

Place your brisket in a heavy pot (see notes).  Pour all ingredients down to cloves over brisket and press into the meat.  Pour the pickles juice around the brisket, then enough beef broth to cover the brisket.  Bring to a boil, cover, and let cook for four hours, until fork tender.  Serve with a side of cabbage.

Notes: I used my cast-iron Dutch oven for this recipe, but any heavy pot with a lid will do.  All of my ingredients, including my seasonings, were organic, which I got from my local whole-and-healthy food grocery store.

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