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7002 Riverbrook Dr. #200, Sugar Land
7002 Riverbrook Dr. #200, Sugar Land

4 Square

Done excellent in a large parking lot or 400 meter track. At each of the “corners” perform the follow exercises for 90 seconds, run to the next corner and perform the next exercise. Rest 90-120 seconds after each completed lap.

[box_header]The Challenge[/box_header]

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[item icon=’small_arrow right_black’]Sumo squats, Cross signs, Burpees, Low squat hops[/item]
[item icon=’small_arrow right_black’]Triple squat jump, Plus signs, hands in air Jump ups, Single leg hip thrusters[/item]
[item icon=’small_arrow right_black’]Single leg squat, T/B shuffles, lunge switches, Calf raises[/item]

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