• Take it with a Grain of Salt

    Take it with a Grain of Salt

    ~by Sheila Garcia  (photo credit HERE) You consume sodium every single day, and that’s a good thing! Our bodies need the mineral sodium to help maintain water/electrolyte balance and blood volume. Unfortunately, as it’s often said, too much of a good thing (sodium in this case) can have negative effects on your health. A diet […]

  • Don’t FALL For It – The Most Fattening Autumn Foods

    Don’t FALL For It – The Most Fattening Autumn Foods

    *Photo Credit HERE ~By Sheila Garcia November marks the beginning of a two-month season packed with parties and desserts – and that can be pretty tough for anyone who is trying to manage his or her weight.  Beyond the fun-size (and therefore calorie-controlled) candies left over from Halloween, several fall treats are big calorie bombs. Be on the […]

  • SEPTEMBER: Hurricane Preparedness Month

    SEPTEMBER: Hurricane Preparedness Month

    *Photo credit: HERE ~By Sheila Garcia Legacy Fitness wants us all to be safe from the harm that could come from Hurricane Season – especially those of us living in The Gulf area. We have a list of ways to be prepared for the upcoming season, and of the supplies you should have that can help, […]

  • JUST SAY NO: drug-free ways to ease pain

    JUST SAY NO: drug-free ways to ease pain

    ~By Sheila Garcia Many people struggle with pain; whether it’s short-term pain from an injury or chronic pain due to disc issues or arthritis, neuropathy or fibromyalgia, we all want to find relief. Pain clinics and medical interventions are definitely places to seek out for help, but some pain sufferers look for additional or supplemental […]



    *Photo credit: HERE ~by Sheila Garcia It is very easy not to think about skin care when it isn’t giving you any trouble.  But with August here – and the number of sunburns increasing – your skin is at it’s most-susceptible for drying, cracking, inflammation, and itchy rashes.  Something as simple as dry skin can cause us to be […]