2016 Cancun Challenge Details

Which Package?

This is a 6-week transformation program beginning on Monday, January 11, 2016 and, ending Saturday, February 20, 2016.

The winner will receive an ALL-INCLUSIVE trip for two (minus airfare) to the Occidental Grand Xcaret Resort for four days and three wonderful nights (extra days can be purchased at winners own expense). For more photos and a deeper description of the resort: http://www.occidentalhotels.com/resort/occidental-grand-xcaret

You have one year to use this certificate (starting from December 2015). The certificate has no cash value and cannot be traded or redeemed.

Along with this challenge you will receive a 6-week nutrition plan complete with meals for every day and ingredients (if you want them).

A food journal is recommended throughout this challenge. I recommend MyFitnessPal. Easy to use (for the most part) and you can send them directly to Jan-Michael.

This is a points-based challenge so the winner will not necessarily be the person who loses the most weight. A detailed list of the scoring opportunities will be sent out once you have register for the challenge.

The points will be based off several different factors. There will be a physical aspect to this challenge (small test at the beginning and end) as well as social media interaction. You do not need a social media (primarily Facebook) account to win this challenge or enter it.

You can workout at any location that Legacy offers at any available time we offer. You must sign up for your session beforehand using our MindBody account. This is important because once a session is full, it’s full, and you will not be able to train at that time or location. More details on this at the introduction meeting.

There will be two “introduction meetings”. Here you will be weighed-in and body fat measured. You will also receive more information at this time and as well as have us answer any questions you may have. NOTE: we will also be conducting the first aspect of the physical side of this challenge so come dressed accordingly.

Although the challenge itself is only 6 weeks you’re able to purchase the entire first quarter (this WILL give you more points towards the challenge) for better longer lasting results.

This challenge is for new and current clients aka “Legacy Family Members”.

Must be at least 21 years of age to enter and have a valid US Passport.

No family members of Legacy Fitness, LLC are eligible for this challenge.

And finally, you do not “have to” choose me as your “other” person on this trip but I highly recommend it! 😉 (You would receive Christmas cards from us for the rest of your life!)